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Conference Contributions


The CERN Indico system is used for the submissions of abstracts, slides and manuscripts for the proceedings. Have a look at the Abstracts section for information on how to submit an abstract.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee together with the Organizing Committee will select the best abstracts to be presented at the conference by the end of December. No confirmation can be given before that date! We reserve the right to suggest a merger of closely related abstracts and changing the type of a contribution between poster and oral presentation if necessary.

Although you can submit several abstract, you can only present one contribution at the conference. If more than one of your abstracts have been accepted, you have to nominate a different colleague for each contribution. Otherwise we will cancel the additional contributions to free the slot for the presentation of another applicant.

For more information on how to prepare and submit the slides for your live presentation of talks and recorded presentations if your abstract has been selected, please have a look at Presentations. For information on the preparation and submission of manuscripts for the proceedings, please have a look at Paper.